Transforming Science Education for Lifelong Learning and Opportunity

Transforming Science Education for Lifelong Learning and Opportunity

Transforming Science Education for Lifelong Learning and Opportunity

Made possible by the Amgen Foundation and Harvard University, LabXchange is a new online platform that will allow anyone, anywhere to experience science. By creating an online community for learning, sharing and collaboration, LabXchange is set to transform science education by fostering lifelong learning and opportunity for all.

Developed at Harvard as the brainchild of Robert Lue, a professor in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and through the support of the Amgen Foundation, this free online science education platform provides students around the world with access to personalized instruction, next-generation virtual lab experiences and networking opportunities across the global, scientific community. In short, the aim is to create a digital platform for the best possible science learning experience.

Given that millions of students do not have access to high-quality science education and experiences, LabXchange ensures that students everywhere have equal opportunity to prepare for and be successful in science. Whether due to economic or geographic limitations, too many students in secondary and undergraduate education systems lack opportunities to engage meaningfully in the scientific process. Globally, this has led to clear and significant gaps in diversity across scientific fields and in scientific literacy overall.

The solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges—from global health crises, to environmental issues such as climate change and plastic in the oceans—will be tackled by future scientists.

Caring for others demands a fundamental understanding of the science behind our health, whether you’re nursing a sick child, or collaborating with multiple organizations to tackle a global challenge such as a rapidly aging population.

By connecting individuals and organizations on this learning and sharing platform, LabXchange will enable them to drive change around such global challenges as well as inspire the next generation of scientists.

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