Amgen Canada makes donations to qualified charitable organizations that raise the value of science literacy in the community; attract bright young minds into the field of science by helping educators to teach more effectively; and improving access to science resources for teachers, students and the community at large.

Donations are a contribution, grant, or payment in cash or in kind, made by Amgen to a not-for-profit and/or tax-exempt organization without expectation of something in return other than customary donor recognition of incidental value.

Amgen Canada may make donations only to qualified recipients as set forth below in the eligibility criteria section, to further an educational, scientific or other charitable purpose. If the donation request is from a member of the Canadian healthcare community, please use the application procedure for healthcare related donations

All other requests for donations must meet the eligibility criteria before an online application for a donation is deemed to be complete.

Overview of Donation Funding Application Process

Amgen Canada is dedicated to making the application process simple and straightforward. Amgen Canada will send an email confirmation upon receipt of your application.

Please complete the application process at least ninety (90) days prior to the required donation date. Requests submitted less than ninety (90) days prior will be reviewed at Amgen Canada's discretion and a funding decision may not be made in time for the proposed request. A fully executed donation agreement signed by both the requesting body and Amgen Canada must be in place before the start of the program or event. Therefore, we strongly encourage parties submit their requests as early as possible to ensure timely processing.

Donation Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in Amgen Canada. Unfortunately the 2020 donations budget earmarked for donations to non-healthcare organizations for science education related initiatives has already been allocated and applications are no longer being accepted. While Amgen Canada is unable to provide a donation at this time, you may wish to check back in subsequent fiscal years. All requests for donations will be considered on their individual merits and any request(s) submitted for future years will be reviewed independently.

Amgen Canada's non-healthcare donation funding application process includes

  • Completion of an online application, and
  • Attachment of required documents (.pdf format) to the application.

Required Information for Donation Consideration

In order to ensure the donation request is processed in a timely manner, all items listed below must be included in your application:

Contact Information

  • Full Name
  • Title
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address
  • Full legal name, street address, city, province and postal code for payments

Organization Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Mission Statement

Request Information

  • Project Title
  • Requested Amount
  • Type of Support
  • Primary Geography Served
  • Statement regarding how funds will be used (e.g. Budget)
  • Confirmation if the program will be multi-sponsored