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Supporting the people of Amgen: Careers, diversity, and employee resources

Supporting the people of Amgen: Careers, diversity, and employee resources

Diversity and employee resources

At Amgen Canada, we know that a diverse workforce in STEM doesn’t just happen. A culture of diversity and inclusivity must be actively nurtured. We’re passionate about fostering a workplace that draws on the unique talents of each individual and helps us learn from one another to better live up to our values.

Programs and scholarships supporting children, young adults, and budding professionals in STEM fields is only part of the journey. For Amgen, it’s just as important to keep fostering that sense of curiosity and exploration as we grow throughout our careers. We offer Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and professional development opportunities, which help both new and established employees to always learn, innovate, and thrive.

Diversity and Employee Resource Groups

At Amgen Canada, we value the meaning of diversity and inclusion for our teams. We respect and celebrate what everyone uniquely brings to the table, and we work together to educate and support one another.

People and culture are a key part of what makes up our company. Leveraging our diverse backgrounds and strengths is essential to fostering a collaborative and supportive environment of constant growth. Amgen Canada understands how important internal programs are for the enrichment of new talent and employees.

Through ERGs, we create and support networks for a variety of interests and needs. ERGs are also powerful tools to continually engage, inspire, and connect our employees through fresh ideas and initiatives.

Currently, Amgen Canada has eight Employee Resource Groups:

  1. Women Empowered to be Exceptional (WE2)
  2. Amgen Early Career Professionals
  3. PRIDE Network
  4. Amgen Asian Association (AAA)
  5. Amgen Black Employee Network (ABEN)
  6. Ability Bettered through Leadership and Education (ABLE)
  7. Raising Indigenous Voices Through Education and Reconciliation (RIVER)
  8. Amgen South Asian Network (ASAN)

Canadian Mentorship Program – a cross-ERG Initiative

Supporting people in their professional development is one of the most critical areas of investment for Amgen. We’re committed to setting our people up for success throughout their careers.

The Canadian Mentorship Program is open to all interested participants. The idea sprang from a very real need discovered in the Women Empowered to be Exceptional (WE2) resource group: to help empower and support employees through networking and career growth opportunities.

Since its inception in 2019, the core objective of the program has been to support mentorship, diversity, and inclusion. Through thoughtful mentor-mentee matching with top leadership and executive participants, the program is designed for one-on-one guidance and to accelerate employee career development.

One the best parts? Mentees drive the topics of interest covered with mentors. They engage in one-on-one sessions to build professional capabilities, as well as in small discussion groups with a 3:1 mentee-mentor ratio.

Run by Marketing Operations Manager, Mallory Martin, the program boasts a 95% employee satisfaction rating for professional and personal growth and proven career development. Mallory is proud of the value the program brings:

“Being a part of this program makes me proud to work for Amgen and we are thrilled with the success we’re nourishing. Over 17 participants have been promoted or have made a meaningful career move and more than 5 have gone on to chair or lead other employee groups – that’s a huge win for DI&B! But it’s not just about leadership. Every member leaves a mark by contributing their unique set of experiences and expertise.”

Above all, the program promotes developing and nurturing diverse talent through a culture of belonging, leadership, and accountability.

Everyone plays a part in nurturing STEM fields

Creating unique and inclusive environments takes dedication. But with sustained commitment and hard work, great things can happen. We believe that a healthy, diverse workforce is the future of STEM.

By empowering professional leadership, cultivating curiosity, and stimulating ongoing learning, we can create the next generation of great innovators. Providing our people with the freedom to explore and discover their own strengths in STEM is integral for a collaborative and supportive workforce. It’s about turning our individual and collective passion for science into ground-breaking research and technology.

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