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Investing in the future with graduate internships and STEM programs

Investing in the future with graduate internships and STEM programs

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Amgen Canada is committed to actively supporting a diverse workforce — through community and industry programs that encourage future generations to study, work, and advance their careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). For Amgen, placing graduates at the center of their career development is a key aspect of driving Canada’s growth and innovation.

Individuals trained in STEM fields are often the foundation of modern, high-growth, innovative companies. While STEM education has been dealing with issues of underrepresentation1 worldwide, the numbers of graduate students are reported to be rising2 in Canada.

Career paths in STEM are wide-ranging for those who choose to further pursue these topics postgraduate. That's where graduate programs like MBiotech at UTM and internships come into play. These programs are geared towards preparing young professionals — by supporting education and providing entry-level access to work in their chosen occupations.

Internships are important to the development of careers and companies alike.

Internships can be an important opportunity for graduate students in STEM. From gaining valuable experience to establishing contacts in the industry, they can gain first-hand knowledge and skills in their chosen field and get a head start on their career.

Amgen is proud to provide yearly internships to postgraduate students from all over Canada:

“Amgen has the pleasure of offering internships to students in STEM fields from the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Alberta. These opportunities not only provide valuable experience in the field and beyond, but it’s just as enriching for the people who get to work with these passionate young professionals. The value of internships goes both ways.” says Amgen Canada’s Head of Human Resources, Tony Bota.

Internships can help foster connections with other professionals in STEM industries. Other benefits include:

  1. Exploring a chosen STEM career path in real-life settings
  2. Gaining valuable work experience with in-house experts
  3. Research and lab participation
  4. Networking and mentorship with professionals
  5. Career recommendations and reference opportunities

Amgen Masters of MBiotech Program

As a major player in the biotech industry, Amgen has a vested interest in nurturing the next generation of talent. To that end, we are supporting an innovative program at the University of Toronto Mississauga, which offers students a course-based professional degree program in the industry along with a paid internship.

The Masters of MBiotech program is one of the many ways Amgen is supporting graduate students in STEM careers. The program incorporates both science and business courses with eight to twelve months of in-industry work experience. It is provided through the Institute for Management & Innovation at UTM.

Offering streams in both Biopharmaceuticals (BioPh) and Digital Health Technologies (DHT), the Masters program equips graduates with a unique combination of skills and experience to enrich and jumpstart their careers. We couldn’t be prouder of the fact that 100% of graduates from the program found industry-related work within six months of completion.

Postgraduate students looking to join the MBiotech program can apply for the AMGEN fellowship. Valued at $6,500, the fellowship is awarded based on academic merit and financial need.

For Amgen, internships are about connection and the journey of discovery.

STEM internships tend to be competitive — but do an excellent job preparing applicants for similar, rigorous real-world experiences at the start of a career. Amgen is dedicated to developing ongoing programs and initiatives that make it easier for STEM students to discover their strengths and thrive. We’re privileged to partner with educational institutions to support and create opportunities that train students to be versatile and agile in the working world.


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