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Amgen Scholars Canada Program: Empowering undergrads with real-world STEM experience

Amgen Scholars Canada Program: Empowering undergrads with real-world STEM experience

Canada is an emerging leader1 in many science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. As new career and education opportunities become available, our country’s young minds are well-positioned to lead the way in innovation and technological development. Amgen is excited to be a part of that success story.

The Amgen Foundation is dedicated to nurturing undergraduate students interested in STEM fields by encouraging them to pursue higher education at institutions like the University of Toronto. For us, creating spaces of learning with opportunities like Amgen Scholars Canada is just a part of the journey towards empowerment and furthering STEM education.

As an international pharmaceutical company, Amgen prides itself on being able to provide local programs, scholarships, and grants to help students further their STEM education — and explore careers that make a real impact on our future.

“A new vision for education is crucial to foster a STEM culture based on equality and collaboration,’ says Ugur Gunaydin, General Manager, Amgen Canada. “We believe strongly in the development and implementation of post-secondary STEM education, working with organizations across Canada to directly support innovation in these fields and the young people entering them.”

Amgen Scholars - Inspiring the scientists of tomorrow

Hosted by the University of Toronto, the Amgen Scholars Canada Program offers Canadian undergraduate students an immersive 10-week, hands-on scientific research experience across STEM fields. It is open to any undergraduate with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency.

The program is part of the Amgen Foundation’s $74 million commitment to supporting undergraduate education. It explores real-life experiences as students develop field-specific interests and consider next steps in their education and careers.

To discover more about the program, download the brochure.

Key program highlights:

The program is rich in its science-based research and unique professional development opportunities and no previous research experience is required to participate. Program highlights include:

Everything you need to know about the program and eligibility can be found here.

Striving towards a diverse STEM future

In recent years, Canada has seen a growing number of students graduating with STEM degrees. A new report published in 20213 by the Council of Ministers of Education in Canada (CMEC) analyzed trends in public post-secondary institutions across Canada. Their findings show that 22.1% of all post-secondary graduates across the country graduated with a STEM degree. This marks an annual growth rate of 51% with projections expected to rise.

As technology continues to shape the way we live, this trend is also reflected in the labour market. Here in Canada, there is an increased demand for more workers with STEM skillsets.

Meanwhile, racial disparities continue to persist3. Students of colour are underrepresented within STEM programs overall5. By sponsoring internships that support these communities directly, we hope to promote and nurture underrepresented students in their research opportunities and career growth.

It's clear that continued support is critical for a diverse workforce in STEM, starting with post-secondary education.

For us, the work is just beginning

At Amgen, we’re proud to expand and further develop our post-secondary STEM programs to be ever more inclusive, accessible, and hands-on. We deeply understand the importance of a diverse future for STEM and that the greatest work starts young.


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